The CORE to Your IT Solutions


“We have just one company that can handle our IT, printer and communications platforms.”

The biggest benefit we have seen since moving to CORE PC is we have just one company that can handle our IT, printer and communications platforms at all five locations throughout the Treasure valley. Joe and his team are superior to prior IT firms. The techs actually understand our business and have experts that are familiar with our network software and can talk to us in plain English. No geek speak. We have not regretted it for a second, taking the plunge and switching to CORE PC.

David Gray, Owner / Three Rivers Agency - Payette, ID

“CORE PC team has never let us down”

CORE PC responds immediately to our requests if they are critical items or everyday problems we can count on a quick response. We have been impressed many times with the attention to detail and their proactive approach. It’s good to know we don’t have to worry about our IT infrastructure at all five locations. Everyone from the on-site techs to the phone support staff are there to tackle any issues that arise. CORE PC team has never let us down.

Dawnette Archer, Controller / Dillon Toyota Lift Eagle, ID


“They saved us money”

Since moving to CORE PC computer problems are no longer a problem for us. When something isn’t working right, we call and the problem is fixed quickly. We have less computer problems now because of the maintenance done regularly. Issues are taken care of before they become big issues. You won’t regret your decision to go with CORE PC! They have saved us money because they are so quick and know how to fix the problems.

Leslie Hickam / Symms Fruit Ranch, Inc. – Caldwell, ID


“Quicker response times”

We’ve had less down time and better efficiency because the system work reliably after moving to CORE PC. Over all more reliable products and quicker response times from other IT firms I’ve used in the past.

I have used 5 or 6 different IT services in the past and none could match CORE PC response times.

Lonny Hytrek, Owner / Lonny Hytrek CPA – Ontario, OR


“We love CORE PC's prompt service!”

We love CORE PC prompt service! We rely heavily upon the expertise and experience that they have. You have a unique knowledge of our system and we trust that you will be able to handle all of our questions from basic to obscure.

You handle upgrades to our system from the beginning installation through troubleshooting. Always working well with our accounting software provider to solve issues.

If you’re in the market for an IT firm CORE PC is service oriented and knows what they are doing.

Debbie Lee / BioWest – Nampa, ID


“Best in the Treasure Valley!!”

Ever since moving to CORE PC they’ve listened to our needs and worked with our budget.

Even though Core PC is growing, Joe and his team always takes the time to help us with big or little issues we may have, we get excellent service.

We have been with CORE PC for many years, Joe and his team are the Best in the Treasure Valley!! Vast knowledge (explains in terms we can understand) Reliable and Honest.

They have setup our server, has upgraded our work stations, helps us with QuickBooks, I would highly recommend Core PC for ANY of you IT services you may need.

Lana Howard, Office Manager - Senior Accountant / Nutri-Vet Wellness - Boise, ID


“Multitude of options to give a choice within our small business budget.”

We have been with Joe at Core-PC since the beginning. The biggest benefit is Joe working with us to accomplish what we need done giving us a multitude of options to give a choice within our small business budget. Joe has earned our trust.

If you’re looking at IT firms give Joe a try. But also make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Mary Ann Muto / Idaho Eyecare Center – Boise, ID


“CORE PC is Johnny on the spot; every time!”

CORE PC is Johnny on the spot; every time! If you’re looking for an IT firm and you’re on the fence about choosing one, I can say they’re always there when we need them. They provide a fair price and their employees are professionals!

Tim Fox, President / FOX Land Surveys Inc. – Boise, ID


“Service is very personalized and available online and/or on site.”

One of the biggest benefits since using CORE PC has been the quick and effective help with any IT issues that arise.

Core-PC representatives know our people and our systems. Service is very personalized and available online and/or on site.

I have hired outside services and had in-house employees to setup, run and maintain IT systems; Core-PC services are the best, are very fairly priced, and in my experience cost less than other firms and/or alternatives.

Glenwood L. (Woody) Garvey / Clearwater Contracting, LLC - Boise, ID


“I would recommend Core-PC to anyone.”

The folks at Core-PC are well trained and very knowledgeable about our systems and, care that they are working and we are able to work with them. Every time we call we are able to talk to the same person who has been helping us with our computer problem to get our system error corrected.

They care about our business and making sure that all our IT systems are doing what they are supposed to do.

They are very honest and well informed and do not recommend things that we do not need.

I would recommend Core-PC to anyone. They are our IT support team for our business.

Bill Deal, President / WW Deal Agency Inc – Nampa, ID


“CORE PC listen, and make us feel important!”

The biggest benefit to BD Employment is the availability of CORE PC. We work around the clock, and it’s nice knowing that CORE PC will be there to help us if needed, no matter the time or day. CORE PC listen, and make us feel important! So many other IT companies think they know the customer needs. They send an available tech out to tell the customer what they think we want to hear, all the while using fancy IT terminology. CORE PC sends out a qualified tech, who understands the customers business and help them understand all that they are doing. In a nutshell…they take their time with the customer and listen to their needs.

If you’re looking at other IT firms it’s an easy sell! I’ve been a satisfied customer of CORE PC for approximately 2-3 years, and it was the best IT move I could have made. Not only are they knowledgeable in their field of work, but they have OUTSTANDING customer service. They work hard to make sure we are completely satisfied. They won’t let you down!

Wally Sanchez / BD Employment – Caldwell, ID


“They are key to our ability to transparently serve our clients.”

Over a period of nearly 10 years Core PC and Joe Sibert have made extraordinary advances in customer service. Primarily, we have service monitoring and can receive a confirmation that Core PC is aware of the issue. With the online monitoring we can have service to the problem through an application that precludes physical travel, extended loss of the use of the machine, and the resultant limitation on loss of business related to our computers. We are a CPA firm that maintains an online presence with many of our accounts and have to be functioning 24/7. Time is money to us.

They are key to our ability to transparently serve our clients. I can without reservation recommend Core PC as a CPA customer relying heavily on computer systems. Not only the technical software and hardware needs are covered but the knowledge of the accounting software used, such as QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise, Sage, etc. makes updating software and hardware a relatively painless event. We maintain servers real and virtual, numerous workstations and network devices, multiple remote access protocols, a VPN that is hardware controlled, secure screening of e-mail traffic, etc. Management of which has been successfully delegated to Core-PC.

Reisse Perin / Reisse L. Perin CPA - ID CP-892 – Boise, ID


“CORE PC is by far the best.”

One of the biggest benefits since moving to CORE PC is the trustworthy, timely responses to any computer problems we have at the office. When my computer system stops, it grinds my office to a quick halt. CORE PC is always responsive and fixes any problem as fast as possible.

Joe Sibert and staff at CORE PC always provide an explanation that I or my staff can understand. They tell me the most cost effective way of handling any issue and have never billed me in an amount that surprised me or that I feel was unjust.

I refer CORE PC to people that I care about. Over my 19 years of being in business, I have had 4 different computer service providers. CORE PC is by far the best.

Elisa Massoth / Massoth & Burrows Attorneys at Law – Payette, ID


“Knowing someone is always available to help.”

One of the simplest yet main benefits that CORE PC offers is just knowing someone is always available to help. They offer great customer service, and drive to find a solution to whatever our computer headaches we’re having.

You won’t find anyone better in customer service, honesty and someone to look out for your best interest.

Tina Barton, President / Guardian Lawn Care – Payette, ID


“Entire support team.”

One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen since using CORE PC is moving from a single person IT guy to an entire support team. They are on top of current IT knowledge and software recommendations.

CORE PC does their best to resolve our issues as quickly as possible and have gone above at times when things are a crises for us.

Tammy Vincent / Jarvis Group Architects, AIA, PLLC – Sun Valley, ID

“In today’s world where everyone is busy working in their business, having an IT firm that is quick and trust worthy really helps business owners concentrate on what they should be doing.”

CORE PC is very timely in answering any questions and getting our IT tasks completed. CORE PC is also trustworthy in that when Joe recommends a solution, I can be assured it’s the best solution for our company, not just an item or service that CORE PC would like to sell us.

The quick response to telephone calls or emails is much better than other IT firms we have used in the past.

In today’s world where everyone is busy working in their business, having an IT firm that is quick and trust worthy really helps business owners concentrate on what they should be doing. This is what CORE PC provides.

Mike Smith / Agile Homes Fruitland, ID


“Solutions to increase our productivity”

The biggest benefit is that we no longer have the tech problems we used to have. We were dealing with multiple ransom-ware attacks, slow tech support response, and lost data before we switched to CORE PC.

Once we signed up with CORE PC, we had service reps on-site in less than an hour. They identified holes in our firewall and other ways to increase our security without sacrificing functionality. And we haven’t had downtime since.

They also helped identify ways to save costs on other services (why pay for ISPs you don’t need?), they’ve offered solutions to increase our productivity (like working remotely), and they’ve always been willing to work around our schedule (like rebuilding our server over the weekend so it didn’t impact our team).

Our last IT firm couldn’t figure out why we kept suffering from ransomware attacks. And they couldn’t restore our lost data without also restoring the virus, or losing a ton of valuable data. CORE PC fixed that. And even though our previous IT firm promised that they would be available after hours or on weekends, I never could get them to help outside of normal business hours. CORE PC has consistently worked after-hours and weekends to make sure our business was never hurt. Even when the pervious IT firm was willing to come to my offices, sometimes it could take days. When my whole system is locked up, that was unacceptable. I’ve never had that happen with CORE PC.

CORE PC’s team are all considerate, friendly, and helpful. They’ve never made my team members feel dumb or used “tech speak” when explaining something.

Feel free to reach out to me and ask any questions if you’re on the fence about choosing them as your next IT Company. I’ll allow CORE PC to share my contact info. I’ll be happy to provide details. I’ve already referred them to others in my network, and they’re happy with CORE PC too.

Ben Morrison, Controller / Avimor – Boise, ID


“I enjoy their honesty and integrity every time I deal with them.”

The peace of mind knowing I have someone to ask questions when I get confused and who will answer them without making me feel like an idiot is just some of the benefits I get from Core PC. Backups are another plus for when I accidently Destroy my computer with a cup of tea. I enjoy their honesty and integrity every time I deal with them.

Core PC is the best place to take your business for any and all computer and networking needs.

Cathy Zacharias / Exzacht Sewing & Alterations – Ontario, OR



“We don’t have to worry about anything.”

The biggest benefit to our company is when a problem appears, we make a phone call and everything is in the hands of professionals. We don’t have to worry about anything. They remote into our system and correct any errors or problems we have and then explain what happened. Core PC monitors our system and keeps us updated with the best Anti-virus & Malware protection available. Core PC’s maintenance program has been great for our company. They are right there for us, day and night when we need their expertise and professionalism. We also use Core PC for our printer/copier needs. The Techs are always so friendly and helpful.

The only other IT Company we have used was a small, local company who ran business out of their garage, and they were great when we were a small plumbing company out of our home. With the growth our company has experienced over the last 7-8 years, Core PC has been there to help us and supply us with the equipment and support we needed to keep up with that growth. We’ve watched Core PC grow right along with us. We’re very satisfied with the quality of service and support we have received and the Friendships that have developed over the years of working with Core PC.

If someone was on the fence about choosing an IT company, I would tell them that if they want someone they can depend on and trust for their IT needs, without having to worry about all the technical nightmares of hacking, viruses, & malware, Core PC would be the company to hire, so they could focus on running their business more efficiently. We will always prefer & recommend Core PC as the BEST IT Company in the valley.

Maurine Burt / Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Svc. – Fruitland, ID


“Cost-effective solution that flexes according to our needs.”

The greatest benefits of working with CORE PC have been cost, convenience and expertise. We don’t need a full time IT person, so CORE PC offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that flexes according to our needs. It is a convenient solution because CORE PC is local and can get to us quickly if necessary. Most importantly, the team is experienced and gets the job done.

CORE PC is very responsive, even proactively reaching out about issues I wasn’t even aware of. When IT problems occur, they always have a big impact and require a quick, effective response. CORE PC provides that.

Outsourcing the IT function allows us to focus on our core competencies – not worry about what technical issue might arise that gets us off track. The confidence of knowing that our IT issues will be handled enables us to put more energy into growing our business.

James Hart, CEO / STAT PADS, LLC – Boise, ID


“The skills and service of Core PC is well worth the investment.”

One of the biggest benefit with Core PC is we are all networked and are able to work more as a team because of it. We call and always have help available when we need it.

The skills and service of Core PC is well worth the investment.

Joey Carpenter / Warrington Irrigation – Ontario, OR


“Time is money.”

One of the biggest advantages of having CORE PC is the ability to have one contact who knows the system and takes care of us. They know the system and what has been done in the past.

They also respond to our questions and needs fast!

If someone is on the fence about choosing CORE PC I say just do it! You don't want to have to mess around trying others. Time is money.

Darlene Johnson, Owner / Darlene's Printing & CopyCenter – Nampa, ID



“I would recommend and I have recommended Core PC to anyone”

I’ve only one IT firm, because of their amazing customer service, I would not look at any other firms!

One of the biggest benefits to using Core PC is having someone available at all times to help us when we have problems. Having them be able to log on and actually work on our computer remotely! When we have problems, we need help ASAP and Core PC does an amazing job helping us always.

I would tell anyone looking at other IT firms Core PC customer service is the best. Their response time is great and they’ve always been able to fix any problem that we have had, including things that might have been outside of their area of expertise! I would recommend and I have recommended Core PC to anyone that asks about computer support!!!

Lori Badiola / Snake River Co – Homedale, ID

“It is absolutely one of the best investments I have made in my business.”

One of the chief benefits since moving to CORE PC is the feeling of security that I have knowing someone is monitoring my system at all times. I don’t worry about data loss or anything else anymore.

Their Customer service and response times are better than any other IT firms I’ve used in the past. No matter what the issue or the how critical I know that I will be taken care of promptly.

Think of this when looking at CORE PC. How important is your time and your information? If you could make one call and know that the issue will be resolved quickly and efficiently isn’t that better than you wasting half of your day trying to fix it yourself and then still having to call someone? It is absolutely one of the best investments I have made in my business.

Patrick Nauman / Weiser Classic Candy – Weiser, ID


“Core PC has always made our priority their priority.”

Core PC has always managed our servers so efficiently that we have experienced almost zero downtime. For our company, it is crucial that our server’s work 24/7 and Core PC has always made our priority their priority.

Core PC has a very fast response time. They keep up on the most up to date technology so that we are running as efficiently as possible. They are easy to work with and have very personable employees.

Core PC is the best IT firm we have ever worked with. Fast, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Down to earth, work to understand our needs and then make sure they are covered. They responsibly manage our servers and off site back up. I never have to worry knowing Core PC is handling our IT needs.



“Core PC fixes our problem the first time we call, every time we call!”

Some of the biggest benefit to using Core PC is the quick, and friendly service. When a computer issue comes up we don't worry, we just call Core PC.

We are not just a client, we are a friend. Core PC cares about our productivity just as much as we do!

Core PC fixes our problem the first time we call, every time we call! We do not get our computers back still having the same issue we sent them in for. When they leave our office everything is working the way it is supposed to, not just what they came to fix.

Kara Currey / Guild Mortgage – Fruitland, ID


“Customer service and response time excellent”

One of the single biggest benefits since switching to CORE PC is our s**t actually gets fixed! CORE PC customer service is outstanding, which in any line of work is the bread and butter of any company.

CORE PC is always VERY helpful, knowledgeable, and readily available.

I would tell anyone looking that not only is CORE PC customer service and response time excellent, but that all of their employees are very helpful and great to work with. We especially like to work with Jason, he always explains things to us in a way that we can understand, he is patient, and sooooo knowledgeable. Jason is a huge asset, he is worth his weight in gold. He always has such a positive outlook and attitude also. I would give CORE PC the highest recommendation!!!

Kim Lopez / Treasure Valley Steel – Ontario, OR


“Always focusing on our budget and common sense”

Russ and Core PC have been great for our small business. We bought our Kyocera printer/copier from them a few years back and Russ has maintained it, and our ancient other printer and fax machine, with TLC, always focusing on our budget and common sense. I trust Russ and his company to “level with me” and to stay true to their word.

Barbara Pedersen / Pedersen and Company, PLLC – Boise, ID


“An integrated approach to our IT issues instead of a system of patches and work-arounds.”

With Core-PC we get timely and responses to our issues. And in our busiest time of year we get put to the front of the line – extremely critical in our three month business window.

We switched to Core-PC so that we could get an integrated approach to our IT issues instead of a system of patches and work-arounds.

If you’re thinking about choosing Core-PC, ask them for a consult – a big picture look at your system may ward off issues and help you be more efficient and effective.

Ken Priebe / Treasure Valley Tax Services – Fruitland, ID

“Every time we’ve Ever needed assistance he seems to magically walk through our door”

We have had the pleasure of working with Core PC for nearly 10 years and counting. Our experience has been an exceptional one. Russ is our go to guy, he takes excellent care of us. We know we can depend on him to keep our copy machine stocked up, serviced and clean. Every time we’ve ever needed assistance he seems to magically walk through our door the same day and always has a smile on his face. Russ comes frequently enough we don’t even have to ask. Thank you Core PC for the awesome service and we truly appreciate you!

Whitney Gabbitas, Administrator / Interstate Plastics - Boise, Idaho

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