The CORE to Your IT Solutions



Core PC Promise

Our goal at Core PC is to provide the best possible customer service to our clients, treating them the way we would want to be treated, and assuring no one feels inferior if they do not understand the “tech” world

We take pride in solving your IT issues and turning your
frustration into satisfaction and peace of mind.

We Promise to:

  • Respond to you within the hour by phone during our regular business hours and schedule a service appointment within 24 hours during the business week
  • Provide the best possible service in a timely manner
  • Recommend only those items you truly need, explaining what we are doing and why
  • Explain technical items with down-to-earth, everyday language
  • Educate you in regards to your computer or network
  • Replace your frown with a smile

We want you to turn to us when you have a computer or networking need…because you TRUST US…FEEL COMFORTABLE…AND KNOW YOU ARE GETTING GREAT SERVICE!



Joe Sibert, CORE PC Founder
Joe Sibert
Founder, CORE PC


Core PC was established in June of 2007 by Joe Sibert, a life-long computer enthusiast and programmer. Joe programmed his first computer at age 11, built a computer at age 13, and owned a small computer repair shop at age 15.

In more recent years, after having been co-owner of a computer service store, Joe broke off and started his own company to better fulfill his vision of service and solutions from computers to software.

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