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Computer Repair

For the home computer user, we solve frustrating internet or software issues as well as eliminate unwanted data, viruses, or malware from your computer. We can upgrade your PC with more memory, replace hard drives, install software, or provide a variety of other parts for your computer. And one of our technicians can pick up your computer for you within 24 hours.

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Business IT Services

At Core PC, we understand the core to smooth and effective business functions is the efficient operation of your information technology. We provide services and software to help your business run efficiently and productively since we all rely so heavily on computers and software to perform our business operations.

IT Under the Microscope
IT Microscope Virus Could Turn Your Computer into a Zombie

“Hey I tagged your picture!” Have you seen this type of message on your Facebook wall, seemingly coming from one of your contacts? Have you clicked on it!?

The messages typically look like an invitation to a group or a friendly note, such as the one above. They also come in the form of “Hey check out this cool video!”or often have misspelled words. Did you know by opening these you could turn your computer into a zombie?

Messages such as this are intended to expose your computer to a virus when you click to watch them. The latest nasty virus has been named “The Koobface Worm Virus” (The word Koobface is an anagram of Facebook.) This nasty creature targets the users of social networking sights, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, etc. The Koobface ultimately attempts to gather sensitive information from the victims such as  passwords and credit card numbers.

The way your computer is exposed to the virus is when you click on one of these video’s or links, it will ask you to install/update your Adobe Flash player or another download. If you click to install and execute the file, Koobface is able to infect your system. The reason the message containing the Koobface seems to be coming from a friend is because your friend’s computer has already been infected and it is “finding” you via their contact list.
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